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Current Projects

The projects noted herein are in response to, or associated with the transgressions of MorganStanleyGate, which commenced in New York, expanded into North Carolina, and later took on a national scope, as efforts in the cover-up became increasingly desperate.  It is a scandal instigated by Morgan Stanley, one of the "too big to fail" banks bailed out by Congress, having elements bearing similarity to Watergate.

The projects listed below are in alphabetical order, and are followed by descriptive summaries in the same order, albeit in two columns.

 #  Project Name Description

 1 Atlas..................................Merchant Banking Business Initiative
 2 CableInch..........................Exposing Foreclosure Fraud & Corruption in North Carolina (NC)
 3 Clark Kent.........................Exposing NC Smear Campaign & Prosecuting Associated Civil Claims
 4 Courtyard..........................Redevelopment of The Courtyard of Chapel Hill (TCoCH)
 5 Goliaths II & III....................Restitution from Wachovia's Foreclosure Fraud on TCoCH
 6 Harmony...........................Resolving Family Dysfunction Resulting from MorganStanleyGate
 7 Magic Stone......................Restitution from Paragon's Foreclosure Fraud of TPSoD & Other Properties
 8 MorganStanleyGate..........Exposing the MorganStanleyGate Scandal & Prosecuting Associated Civil Claims
 9 Phoenix.............................Resurrecting a Reputation Sullied from Malicious Smear Campaigns
10 Pit Bulls.............................Establishing a Collaborative & Aggressive Legal Team
11 Pit Stop..............................Redevelopment of The Pit Stop of Durham (TPSoD)
12 MIT Mobilization................Engaging a Populace via Social Networking to Resolve MorganStanleyGate
13 Spanish Inquisition.............Launching Criminal & Ethics Investigations That Have Been Stonewalled
14 Sterling Credit Redux........Reinstating Credit Standing to Pre-MorganStanleyGate Levels
15 Stewie Griffin.....................Collecting Rent Arrears & Pursuing Non-Bank Civil Claims
16 Truth Will Set You Free.....Making MorganStanleyGate Understandable and Believable 
17 White Knights....................Engaging Capital Sources & Sponsored Support for the Above Projects

Important:   YOU can play a role in the success of one or more of these projects, and in return receive a BIG PAYDAY with LITTLE EFFORT on your part.  How?  See Project # 12 -- The MIT Mobilization Initiative, a little further down this page, in the right hand column.

Requisite Comedic Relief

As these projects pertain to serious matters, humorous videos germane to certain projects are interspersed in the descriptive summaries.  This way, you will be entertained, rather than overwhelmed or otherwise dispirited. This reflects Spencer C. Young's philosophy that life is a journey to be enjoyed, despite its often daunting challenges.  The circumstances necessitating many of these projects pertain to behaviors that are not merely hard to believe, they are as preposterously absurd as those exhibited in the below Monty Python parody titled "Ministry of Silly Walks".  [Note: This classic sketch starring John Cleese and Michael Palin (no relation to Sarah) is also a timeless and hilarious political commentary on government waste that afflicts not merely the United States.]

Project Atlas - NEW Logo - Bordered - 400 x 139.jpg

# 1  --  Project Atlas
Note: Financing Arranged Through MIT Mobilization Initiative "M"

This an innovative business paradigm developed by Spencer C. Young, entailing an integrated commercial real estate investment, finance and securitization operation, much of which has broad applicability to MOST forms of lending.  It was a front page story in  the leading trade publication of the CMBS industry (Commercial Mortgage Alert),whose launching was tortiously thwarted by Morgan Stanley in 2004 in order to protect their CMBS business generally and the IQ® franchise Mr. Young created, specifically, as well as cover up the employment-related fraud perpetrated against Mr. Young in 2002

This form of merchant banking utilizes a flat organization structure, streamlined team decision making across line functions, with the preponderance of employee compensation tied to the long-term transaction/investment performance that proportionally vests only upon exit from of each investment position.  This not only aligns interests of owners/shareholders with employees, it eliminates the possibility of cultivating parasitically esurient fat cats to exploit the public.  In addition to this compulsory investment form of deferred contingent compensation (typically manifested in subordinate securities), the employees are also required to contribute their non-vested earnings toward innovative "below-the-radar" equity real estate investments -- prototype examples of which are Project Pit Stop and The Courtyard Project, discussed below.  

Importantly, had this entrepreneurial form of banking been practiced in the subprime mortgage industry, the resultant economic crisis would have been averted and the bankers who pursued such inappropriately risky deals would have been kept in check, and most certainly would NOT have received outlandish up-front paydays for their colossal failures that later unfolded.  This business structure embraces the tenets of free enterprise, and capitalism at its very best, which rewards legitimate productive achievement, as espoused in the classic novel by Ayn Rand, "Atlas Shrugged", hence the project name.

This project will be launched after the others noted herein have been substantially completed, and financing is in place through MIT Mobilization Initiative "M" 


Logo - CABLEINCH - with Title & Subtitle - FINAL - 400 x 248.jpg

# 2  --  The CABLEINCH Project

This project name is an acronym for Cover-up, Artifice, Badmouthing, Larceny, Eviction and Indictment in North Carolina's Heartland.  The principal objectives focus on exposing and rectifying an astonishing number of crimes  against the interests of Spencer C. Young in the Triangle Region of North Carolina, an area vectored by Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill.  The transgressions are part of an elaborate FORECLOSURE FRAUD, which included extensive commercial sabotage, a malicious smear campaign, numerous instances of fraud and widespread corruption at the municipal, judicial and law enforcement levels.  These are revealed throughout the affiliated website www.CABLEINCH.com.   The misdeeds carried out in North Carolina were intended to cover-up the FRESCA crimes of MorganStanleyGate.  

As noted in Projects Magic Stone and Goliath II & III (discussed below), Paragon Commercial Bank and Wachovia Bank engaged in collaborated FORECLOSURE FRAUD to effectively steal ALL Mr. Young's North Carolina properties (post-redevelopment value = $20 million), including his residential condominium, and maliciously deprive him of a livelihood to impede him from pursuing his mounting claims associated with MorganStanleyGate.  Accordingly, a key objective of this project is obtaining full restitution, including reclamation of ALL properties thus stolen from Mr. Young and his affiliated companies.  Since the foreclosures were ALL predicated on FRAUD, title never passed to these banks in these obvious and highly orchestrated illicit foreclosures.  Upon reversion, the planned redevelopment work of Project Pit Stop and The Courtyard Project will be completed, with funding provided through The White Knights Project and The MIT Mobilization Initiative (described herein).

Mr. Young was victimized by widespread corruption in order to perpetuate the cover-up of MorganStanleyGate.  However, the fraudsters responsible will likely at some point attribute the lack of responsiveness by public officials to "a failure to communicate", an parody of which is portrayed in the classic Abbott & Costello "Who's on First?" sketch.



Project Clark Kent Logo - Bordered - 400 x 159.jpg

# 3  --  The Clark Kent Project

This project entails exposing the North Carolina Smear Campaign of MorganStanleyGate against Spencer C Young, and obtaining restitution for the substantial damages, lost income and unimaginable pain and suffering that resulted from the more than 60 false and personally disparaging articles appearing over a two year period in the local newspapers with the largest circulations in the Triangle region of North Carolina (The News & Observer, The Herald Sun and The Chapel Hill News), as well as the student newspaper of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, The Daily Tar Heel.  

These articles were released pursuant to a planned character assassination developed by wayward individuals at Burson-Marsteller on behalf of Morgan Stanley, which focused on five primary themes, yet starkly contradict Mr. Young's prior track record, established over two decades.  Those themes were: (1) Mr. Young is a lousy landlord, who (2) feuds with everyone, and is (3) fiscally irresponsible, and although (4) the Town of Chapel Hill and other public officials tried to help it was all in vain.  In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.  

The shear number of falsehoods contained in these articles are mind-boggling, however, to adequately express how outlandish and pernicious these articles were, the salient "facts" of each have been evaluated in the context of how egregiously false they were, using a "Manure Meter", which rates the lack of veracity in these "facts" on a scale of 1 to 10.  A rating of 1 represents a white lie, while a 10 is an apostasy, meaning the printed "fact" is so bombastically false, it represents a complete departure from commonly accepted principles of journalistic integrity, which include truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability.

This over-the-top smear campaign sought to not merely sully Mr. Young's reputation -- but decimate it, and thereby supplement the overwhelming level of commercial sabotage that was concurrently being carried out against Mr. Young's properties, most notably The Courtyard of Chapel Hill and The Pit Stop of Durham.   This way, the economic viability of his income producing properties would be undermined, and he would be too overwhelmed and demoralized by his being publicly depicted as a pariah to fight the fraudulent foreclosures that would then ensue from Wachovia Bank (addressed by Project Goliaths II & III, see below) and Paragon Commercial Bank, which is covered by Project Magic Stone, also described below).

This project was coined The Clark Kent Project, because it pertains to the reckless disregard for journalistic integrity in local (Triangle region) newspaper reporting, and a response to correct this, which is consistent with what was Superman's quest in his "never ending battle for truth, justice and the American way". 


TCoCH - Final Logo - Bordered - 400 x 220.jpg

# 4  --  The Courtyard Project

This project pertains to the redevelopment of a unique and charming property known as The Courtyard of Chapel Hill, which is ideally located on W. Franklin St. in downtown Chapel Hill, North Carolina, just off the University of North Carolina campus.  It is comprised of seven interconnected one, two and three-story buildings forming a charming interior courtyard for dining, entertainment and community gatherings.

This property was the target of a highly orchestrated and entirely fraudulent foreclosure carried out by Wachovia Bank at the behest of Morgan Stanley.  This was arranged through close personal ties at the senior banking executive level, and attorneys at  Nelson Mullins, most notably Teri Garnder.  These events transpired when this property was in the midst of significant redevelopment and re-tenanting.

Upon reversion of title to Mr. Young's affiliated companies, it is envisaged the redevelopment will be completed to become a vibrant community gathering spot for dining and entertainment, featuring merchants offering: (1) diverse international cuisine (formal, casual and takeout); (2) diverse cultural enrichment (e.g., art galleries, thematic musical events); and (3) self-improvement services (e.g., yoga/pilates, grooming, interpersonal skills training, executive coaching). This redevelopment entails a substantial "re-branding" from a once tired and dilapidated mixed use property, which lacked an identity to an exciting "feel good" destination property that offers an experience that changes from one day to the next, based on the variety of events that will be held.  More information can be found at www.tcoch.com.


Project Goliaths II & III - WF & WB - 400 x 113.jpg

 # 5  --  Project Goliaths II & III

The objective here is to regain title to The Courtyard of Chapel Hill (see Project TCoCH).  The Goliath Banks for which this project is named are now the same bank.  This is because Wachovia Bank ("Goliath II") had mismanaged its business so profoundly, it became insolvent in 2008 (i.e., it suffered losses so severe that its debts exceeded its assets).  And after laying off tens of thousands of workers, Wachovia was subsumed into the banking operations of Wells Fargo Bank ("Goliath III").  Wells Fargo was a similarly mismanaged and insolvent financial institution; however, it was deemed "too big to fail", so it received bailout monies from Congress in order to survive.  

After being thrown a $25 Billion lifeline in taxpayer monies, this recombined institution, referred to here as "Goliath II & III" then proceeded to forge ahead with a fraud-procreated foreclosure of The Courtyard of Chapel Hill.  In response, reversal of this fraudulent conveyance will be sought through the expedient return of recorded title to and control of the subject property to Mr. Young's affiliated company, so that the planned redevelopment work can be completed.

It is ridiculous to believe Congress saved the banking industry (a/k/a "Wall Street") with taxpayer monies, so they could defraud and persecute the very tax payers who bailed them out -- about as ridiculous as the Silly Olympiad depicted below.


Logo - The Harmony Project - 400 x 544.jpg

# 6  --  The Harmony Project 

The objective of this project is to bring about long-elusive harmony among the members of Spencer C. Young's extended family, who have had to suffer the consequences of the malicious and unlawful acts of Morgan Stanley, and later those of Wells Fargo (through its Wachovia subsidiary) and Paragon Commercial Bank -- all of which were carried out pursuant to the sponsorship and direction of Morgan Stanley and the law firm of Kirkland & Ellis.  

The byproduct of the overwhelming chronic stress thus caused has been widespread dysfunction throughout Mr. Young's extended family, which is parodied in the below scene from Family Guy.  


Logo - Project Magic Stone - Bordered - 400 x 170.jpg

# 7  --  Project Magic Stone

The primary order of business in this project is the prosecution of Paragon Commercial Bank, together with their attorneys at Poyner & Spruill, and any others who played a complicit role in the fraudulent and wrongful orchestrated foreclosures on four properties owned by Spencer C. Young and his affiliated companies -- Including the condominium where Mr. Young resided with his fiancee and toddler son, and from which they were forcibly evicted.  Specifically, Paragon and Poyner & Spruill collaborated to fraudulently foreclose on mortgages that were NEVER delinquent, absconding with monies held on deposit and then wrongfully intercepting ALL of Mr. Young's income.  In addition to criminal fraud, these acts are felonies of grand larceny and embezzlement. Moreover, they prevented Mr. Young from engaging legal counsel by threats and payoffs, which is a denial of due process and an obstruction of justice.

Collectively these misdeeds represent the most brazen mortgage fraud ever perpetrated by a bank against an individual, which was carried out in a manner suggesting they believe they are above the law.  And it gets better -- the respective Board of Directors and Senior Management Committee were apprised of these atrocities . . . and did nothing.  This indicates tacit approval of both firms engaging in unlawful activities.  The noted crimes are so blatant and readily proven, they represent not merely a stone, but a "magic stone" capable of felling many "Goliaths" in one shot.  The "David" in this matter (Spencer C. Young) intends to use his metaphorical slingshot (i.e., carefully developed evidence) to not only prosecute and seek compensatory and punitive damages from these firms, but set the stage for plea-bargaining in order to prosecute those involved at the various other "Goliaths", including the kingpins behind it all  -- to wit, Morgan Stanley and Kirkland & Ellis.  

Importantly, the notion of a bank foreclosing uncontested on someone's home and then forcibly evicting a family, including their toddler, on a mortgage that was NEVER late, and paid in full should make Americans sick to their stomach -- as detailed at www.TWSYF.com, and parodied in the video below.


Logo - MorganStanleyGate  - FINAL - Bordered - 404 x 274.jpg

# 8  --  The MorganStanleyGate Project

This is "The Mother of All Projects" because ALL other projects emanate from this one.  Its principal goal is to expose "The Truth" of what is MorganStanleyGate and receive long overdue recompense for the audacious fraud and ensuing atrocities carried out by the collaborative sponsorship of Morgan Stanley and Kirkland & Ellis.  The project name is an acronym for a latin aphorism: " Magna Est Veritas Et Praevalebit ", which translates to "Truth is Mighty and Shall Prevail".

The importance of this matter is evidenced by its possessing following elements: (1) Duration - It has been ongoing since November 20, 2002; (2) Dependence - The success of all current and future projects hinge upon the success of this one; (3) Incredulity - Taken together, the anecdotal events are so astounding, the matter at hand seems unbelievable, while every bit of it is true; (4) Complexity - The breadth and scope is vast, because of the amount of money involved and the individuals who are responsible for the many transgressions, and therefore many affiliated websites have been established to properly explain and provide invaluable context to "what's really behind it all";  (5) Amplification - Significant pain and suffering have already been experienced by many, and should this project fail, the horrors could be even more unimaginable for many people as these monsters will only become more emboldened to continue their reign of terror on others;  (6) Importance - This project possesses far-reaching implications, such that its success could positively impact many, many others; and (7) Rationality - Success of this project will affirm the notion of rationality on a large scale, and reinstate hope in many.   Extensive additional information is revealed at  www.mevep.com.

One of the more common strategies Morgan Stanley employs in smearing targeted former employees is to circulate misinformation to convey an impression that their "target" is difficult and argumentative (as in the sketch below), and trying to ameliorate the reputational damages thus caused can be like trying to "un-ring a bell".


Logo - The Phoenix Project - FINAL - 400 x 413.jpg

# 9  --  The Phoenix Project

The primary objective of this project is to regain the dignity sullied by the Smear Campaigns against Spencer C. Young, which were carried out in New York and North Carolina -- all sponsored by Morgan Stanley and Kirkland & Ellis.  And in order for Mr. Young to rise from the "ashes of reputational ruination", the many vicious falsehoods circulated to destroy Mr. Young's reputation need only be combated with the Truth, corroborated by irrefutable evidence.  

To achieve this objective, one or more savvy, competent and a non-conflicted public relations firms of high integrity will be employed.  And to prosecute the claims of slander and libel, the services of one or more law firms with relevant expertise, a strong track record of success, and a noted reputation for aggressiveness will be engaged pursuant to Project Pit Bulls.


Logo - The Pit Bull Project - Bordered - 400 x 191.jpg

# 10  --  The Pit Bull Project

This initiative entails the engagement of aggressive and accomplished attorneys whose integrity is beyond approach, so that they may prosecute the many claims of Spencer C. Young and his affiliated companies.  

The dollar amount of the civil claims are substantial, and encompass such matters as employment-related fraud perpetrated by Morgan Stanley; the lender liability claims against Paragon Commercial Bank and Wachovia Bank; rent collections claims against monied tenants, negligence claims against property managers, and a range of other civil claims.  Assistance is also being sought from legal counsel to ensure the timely criminal prosecution of those who have played a direct or complicit role in the perpetrated FRESCA crimes.

As an astonishing number of attorneys have compromised their ethics to undermine Mr. Young's legal position and deny him his rights to due process, you would think Mr. Young would construe "an ethical attorney" as an oxymoron.  This is NOT the case -- there are many competent attorneys of the highest integrity -- and Mr. Young seeks to find and engage them, which will be made possible through Project Politico (discussed below).


TPSoD - Final Logo - May 17, 2007 - 400 x 186.jpg

# 11  -- Project Pit Stop

This project involves redevelopment of a specialty retail mall located at the northeast corner of the intersection of NC Highway 54 and NC Highway 55, off exit 278 of Interstate 40 in Durham, North Carolina.  It is just outside of the renowned Research Triangle Park, a 7,000 acre office park supporting the research & development operations of 140 of the world's largest companies.  This project entails a "re-branding" from what was Triangle Village Auto Mall to The Pit Stop of Durham ("TPSoD").

Let's face it, America will never end its love affair with cars, nor its yearning for tasty foods.   In response, this unique property offers a range of automotive services and a variety of food & beverage options, so patrons can come by for a "pit stop" for their cars, for their own culinary desires, or both.   For more information, please visit www.tpsod.com.


Logo - MIT Model - FINAL - Bordered - 400 x 299.jpg

# 12  --  The MIT Mobilization Initiative

This is the Project that offers a BIG PAYDAY with LITTLE EFFORT, and it will further a charitable cause to boot.  

This project uses a proven technique to initiate an expedient and widespread mobilization of resources necessary to achieve the goals of ALL 17 Projects.  This methodology employs the use of social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, and an incentive structure that requires little effort, promotes the sharing of helpful information and pays potentially significant money rewards -- and all you have to do is refer a professional or organization with the skill sets and resources capable of meeting the broad objectives of ANY project.  Example referrals might include: attorneys, public relations firms, activists, news organizations, TV & Radio Stations.  

And those referred who are hired or otherwise engaged do NOT have to achieve their stated objective in order for YOU to get paid -- although the money reward increases dramatically if they do. Any successful referral (evidenced by their being hired by Spencer C. Young or one of his affiliated companies) will qualify that person for participation in the pool of monies received by Spencer C. Young and his affiliates in pursuit of the various projects, such as collection of rent receivables, settlements, awards for damages, or obtaining financing.  In the event such a referral pertains to reaching an objective that is not readily measurable (e.g., scoring a network interview to set the record straight), the person responsible for the referral that made this possible will still be paid a percentage of the monies received from other initiatives.  Details will be announced separately.

And because the aggregate dollar amounts of claims are in the $hundreds-of-millions, the rewards paid out could be so significant, you just may reach a level of happiness as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz demonstrates in the video below. 



Spanish Inquisition - Bordered - 400 x 297.jpg

# 13  --  The Spanish Inquisition Initiative

This initiative pertains to seeking recompense, damages and disciplinary action against demonstratively unethical attorneys who abused or otherwise violated the clients rights doctrine promulgated by most state bar associations in the United States.  The MIT Mobilization Project and The Pit Bull Project  will play instrumental roles in identification and engagement of legal counsel to sue for damages on the basis of legal malpractice.  Another component of this project will be the instigation and pursuit of criminal investigations with state and federal law enforcement, as applicable.  

The project name is derived from the tribunal established during the 15th century by King Ferdinand II and Queen Isabella of Spain, who employed aggressive tactics to ensure compliance with their interpretation of Catholic orthodoxy.  While this is a secular matter, and Spencer C. Young is unaware of having any ancestral ties to royalty, inquisitions into ethical improprieties by attorneys will be aggressively pursued pursuant to orthodoxies of The Truth -- ergo, in the alternative, this project may be referred to as "The Spencer Inquisition", where the efforts employed and results achieved will stand in stark contrast to the hapless Spanish Inquisition parodied below:



The Sterling Credit Redux Project - Bordered - 400 x 311.jpg

# 14  --  The Sterling Credit Redux Project

The goal here is the return the personal and commercial credit ratings of Spencer C. Young and his affiliated companies to the "sterling" credit levels long enjoyed and diligently earned over decades of prudent financial management.  For instance, Mr. Young's FICO score was 794 (note that a score above 750 is considered "excellent") before the malicious fraud was perpetrated against him. Mr. Young's credit ratings at both the personal and corporate level were sullied by the greed-laden unlawful actions and sponsored transgressions of Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo (through its Wachovia subsidiary) and Paragon Commercial Bank, together with their respective partners-in-crime at Kirkland & Ellis, Nelson Mullins and Poyner & Spruill.  

Rather than accept discounted pay-off amounts on balances due creditors, Mr. Young is insisting on honoring ALL legitimate balances, and will pay them IN FULL, together with accrued contractual non-default interest.  In consideration, Mr. Young asks those creditors to assist him (in a manner which will be specified in a variety of ways, on a creditor-by-creditor basis) in the pursuit of his myriad of civil claims against others.


The Stewie Griffin Project I Want My Money, Man -  400 x 363.jpg

# 15  --  The Stewie Griffin Project 

This project pertains to the collection of over $2 million in rent arrears payable to Spencer C. Young's affiliated companies, another $10 million + in negligence claims from vendors, lender liability claims of $30-$100 million, and civil claims in excess of $600 million (including treble damages) from Morgan Stanley, a matter which has the potential of evolving into a class action lawsuit of a substantially greater amount.  

The project name is derived from a cartoon character in the animated TV sitcom, "Family Guy".  Specifically, there is a split segment where Stewie Griffin uses aggressive tactics to collect on a gambling debt owed to him by his dog, Brian.  This is representative of how aggressive (figuratively, not literally ) Mr. Young will be in collecting the $millions owed to him, hence the name of this project.


Logo - TWSYF - FINAL - Bordered - 400 x 446.jpg

# 16  --  The Truth Will Set You Free Strategy

The objective of this project is to summarize the complex and multi-faceted MorganStanleyGate scandal, enabling a large populace to understand, believe and participate in the resolution of this scandal.  This is particularized at www.TWSYF.com, which is an acronym for the well-known biblical reference, "Truth Will Set You Free".   Because of careless mistakes made by the perpetrators, a remarkably straightforward approach is outlined, which will expose beyond all doubt, what is The Truth -- and once finally revealed, and those responsible are brought to justice, and the nightmare for many will finally end. 

Those responsible for the MorganStanleyGate fraud and the ensuing cover-up are banking on three assumptions:  (1) Spencer C. Young will not be able to explain this scandal because of its scope and magnitude; (2) however, in the event he is able to do so, no one will believe him; and (3)even if he can prove it is all true, there exists a widespread and influential infrastructure of corruption that will stymie efforts to resolve this scandal.  Mr. Young EXPECTS to prove these assumptions WRONG, so those who have been long victimized by the MorganStanleyGate shackles of prevarication of shall finally be set FREE from the wrongful oppression they have thus been subjected to -- hence the website name.


The White Knight Project - Bordered - 400 x 426.jpg

# 17  --  The White Knights Project

The objective of this project is to raise capital to fund the above initiatives.  
One of the first orders of business will be reinstating sufficient liquidity for working capital and to finance the take-back of properties unlawfully foreclosed upon.  Moreover, meaningful assistance will be sought through the engagement of professionals germane to the various projects, and others willing to support these initiatives, and in a position to do so ("White Knights", if you will) -- this way the Black Knights (i.e., the noted banks, attorneys, public officials and others) responsible for the various transgressions, will be lawfully rendered incapable of continuing their insidious practices.

A video of a White Knight rendering an evil Black Knight incapable of causing harm to others is presented below.