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Corporate Profile

Spencer C. Young Investments, Inc. is a privately-held investment company that acquires and redevelops ideally located commercial real estate properties in a manner that is thematically exciting, and fitting for their locale. 

Commercial real estate "redevelopment" entails enhancing existing properties by re-configuring, re-tenanting and re-branding to serve their best use for their surrounding area and therefore cultivate their greatest value.  Redevelopers are typically welcomed by communities for they can swiftly invigorate a local economy and convert blighted areas into communal gathering spots and vibrant arenas for commerce.  As compared with traditional developers, a creative redeveloper can efficiently revitalize a local community because improvements are made to what already exists, thereby promoting acceptance, as well as expediency in transformation.

The goal of each project is to create a "destination property".  This is accomplished by establishing a unique "brand" and manifesting a competitive advantage that is difficult to replicate.  Emphasis is placed on location-location-location, cultivating a pleasant and inviting environment, and attracting creative merchant entrepreneurs, who are passionate about their business and strive for excellence in all that they do.

The picture of Atlas at Rockefeller Center accurately depicts the nature of its business, how issues are addressed, the resolve of its CEO, and outlook for the future:

  Real Estate Related Activities; 
⇨ Strength In Purpose; and
  No Matter What Challenges May Weigh On One's Shoulders, . . .
. . . The Sky'sThe Limit In What Can Be Achieved.

The Company is run by Spencer C. Young, who has an extensive background in commercial real estate finance & investment, along with a noteworthy track record for creating value and building lasting franchises.  The Company's credo is: Audaces Fortuna Juvat.