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Educational Background

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Ivy League Education

Spencer C. Young received his Masters in Business Administration ("MBA"), with an emphasis in Finance, and Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Management from Cornell University, an Ivy League school in upstate New York, with arguably the most beautiful college campus in the U.S., the aesthetics of which are offset in part by having nearly as many cloudy days as Seattle.  Mr. Young was one of the few at Cornell entitled to "proceed through", in other words matriculate for his MBA immediately upon receiving his Bachelors degree.  This is rare because most Cornell graduate business students are required to obtain meaningful job experience before attending, and only a handful of Cornell undergrads are admitted anyway, for diversity purposes.

While at Cornell, Mr. Young maintained a multi-faceted campus lifestyle.  This included collegiate sports, running a business, working various jobs, involvement in fraternity activities, teaching assistantships and diverse course studies offered by the various colleges that comprise this University.  In other words, he capitalized on the precept for which this institution of higher learning was founded: "I would found an institution where any person could find instruction in any study" - Ezra Cornell (1868).  While the variety of course selection certainly holds true to this day, the nice folks in Cornell Admissions have probably long felt a hankering to insert "duly qualified" between "any" and "person".  Mr. Young also began his study of martial arts (Karate, Tae Kwon Do & Kyushojutsu) at Cornell, which he continues to practice today.

In addition, Mr. Young maintained an active social life on (and off) campus, be it: (1) forming a graduate business school team to run in the annual "Phi Psi 500" charity event wearing business ties and toting attaché cases; (2) arranging night time ski trips to Greek Peak and Song Mountain, (3) dance-a-thons (yes, disco was all the rage at the time); or (4) futile, but hilarious cow-tipping excursions.

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Collegiate Football

Mr. Young's nickname, by which he was known throughout his collegiate career, was "Scy" (pronounced "sky"), representing his initials.  He was often told he had a good "sports name", however many would mispronounce it ended up uttering the name of a renowned Hall of Fame pitcher.   Scy Young was a Defensive Back and Kickoff Return Specialist on the Cornell "Big Red" Football Team, under Head Coach George Siefert, later of San Francisco 49er and NFL Super Bowl coaching fame.

This experience was a serving of "humble pie" for Mr. Young, but he responded in a manner that demonstrated his flexibility and willingness to be a team player.  This being the case because he was a star high school running back, selected to the All-League team, and the exclusive "Gridiron 44" team, which has many alumni who have gone on to play in the NFL.  In fact, at Cornell, Mr. Young was asked to play virtually every position except the one for which he was recruited by Cornell and other colleges to play, most notably Yale and Penn.  Nevertheless, Coach Siefert granted deference to his players, and welcomed their opinions and feedback.  For instance, at the start of his sophomore year, Mr. Young requested moving to the Tailback position.  Not missing a beat, Coach Siefert retorted: "Sure -- you can be our 5th String Tailback . . . or if you wish, you can be our starting Defensive Back".  Touché.

Mr. Young is first to admit his collegiate football career was decidedly underwhelming, but he felt a sense of accomplishment in the October 25, 1975 game at the Yale Bowl, when he shut down the #1 pass receiver in country, Gary Fencik, who eventually went on to become an All-Pro player in the NFL, and won a Super Bowl playing for the Chicago Bears.  At the time, Gary Fencik was a senior All-American Split End for Yale, while Mr. Young was a mere rookie Cornerback for Cornell.  Although nervous about doing so, Coach Siefert tasked Mr. Young with trying to keep Yale's quarterback, Stone Phillips (later of Dateline NBC fame) from getting the ball to Fencik.  Despite Mr. Young's success in thwarting the Phillips-to-Fencik connection, Cornell lost the game 20-14.

Despite high expectations, Cornell went on to lose the preponderance of its games that season, and Mr. Young concluded making a run at playing in the NFL would be an imprudent career track for him.

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Other Activities

While at Cornell, Mr. Young owned and operated a commercial photography business called Campus Foto Service, which held a monopoly in taking group pictures for sale at the various parties thrown by the 54 fraternities and sororities at Cornell.  Campus Foto Service had a long history of providing these memories, and still continues to this day, as Mr. Young sold this business to one of his photographers. 

Mr. Young served as a teaching assistant for certain courses in which he had excelled, including:  Restaurant Management, Engineering, and Public Speaking.  He was a member of the Alpha Psi Chapter of the Chi Psi Fraternity, and worked as a short order cook at the on-campus Rathskeller at the Statler Hotel, and as a kitchen hand at Tri-Delta Sorority.

Possessing diverse interests, and a fertile intellectual curiosity, Mr. Young undertook heavy academic work loads despite the significant time commitments of his extracurricular activities.  In addition to his regular academic workload, he took courses at many of the other colleges that comprise this Ivy League University.  For example, Calculus, Micro Economics, Intermediate Macro Economics, Creative Writing and Art History in the School of Arts & Sciences, Agricultural Economics and Taxation in the School of Agriculture & Life Sciences, and Communication Arts in the School of Human Ecology.

Intellectual Pursuits

Mr. Young continues his enjoyment of diverse intellectual pursuits, and is a life-time member  of Mensa, a member of Intertel, and has been a member of TOPS ("Top One Percent Society").  He especially enjoys attending Mensa's AG's and World Gatherings.  He has also self-studied the guitar (acoustic & electric), and can play the lead to most songs by U2 (his favorite band), and he is concurrently studying four languages (French, Italian, German & Spanish).

The notion of self-actualization (i.e., realizing one's full potential) is of great importance to Mr. Young -- so much so, he operates a blog titled "What is the Meaning & Purpose of Life?", which presents musings and insights on the quest for happiness through self-actualization . . . and yes, the answer to the question posed is included.  His interest in self-actualization was stoked by his years of training at Dale Carnegie.   He is a firm believer in, and practitioner of its guiding principles, which are captured in Mr. Carnegie's timeless best seller, "How to Win Friends and Influence People".  In addition, Mr. Young has served as Graduate Instructor for its rigorous world-renowned course in "Effective Communication and Human Relations".

Although he doesn't practice as such, he also holds a certified public accountant ("CPA") license from the State of New York, and while on Wall Street, Mr. Young held a range of securities licenses covering stocks, bonds, options, futures, etc. (e.g., Series 3, 4, 7, 24 & 63).

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